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Eyeglasses & Contacts Services

Eyeglasses and Contacts Services

At Veld Vision Center, we believe that the eyewear that you choose to help you see clearly goes beyond just caring for your eyes; it also makes a statement about who you are. As such, we are committed to helping you understand your vision needs, and find eyeglasses or/and contacts that match your needs and your style. With a wide range of contacts and eyeglasses to choose from, we are your go-to solution for both eye care services and making a fashion statement.

To order contact lenses from Veld Vision, please call our office and you can do so over the phone. 

Our Eyeglasses and Contacts Services

We provide a wide range of eyeglass and contact services for our patients. While we ask that you make an appointment for an eye exam where we can figure out your precise vision needs and write you a prescription that reflects that, new and current clients are welcome to visit us to purchase eyeglasses or/and contacts with a current prescription without making an appointment in advance.

Find the Right Contacts or Eyeglasses for You Today

Not being able to see clearly is a pain, but with the right eyeglasses or contacts, you can not only restore your vision, but improve your confidence too. At Veld Vision Center, we have the styles and options you’re looking for. Use our eyeglass guide to find the right pair for you today, or come into our center without an appointment to learn more.

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