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Eye Emergencies & Pink Eye

Eye Emergencies and Pink Eye

Are you dealing with red, pink, or sore eyes? If so, you could have an eye emergency on your hands. At Veld Vision Center, we provide a full range of eye care services, including eye emergency services for complications like pink eye, eye injuries, and more.

Our Eye Emergency Services – Serving You When You Need it Most

We provide a full range of eye emergency services, and services for eye discomfort and other problems. This includes, but is not limited to, services for:

In addition to the above, we also provide emergency services when you lose or break contact lenses or eyeglasses – we know how important your vision is, and when you can’t see, we want to provide you with the services you need as fast as possible.

Do I Need to Go to the Emergency Room When I Have an Eye Emergency?

If you are experiencing an eye emergency, your first thought may be that you need to go to the emergency room. However, studies show that a significant number of eye emergencies that are treated in emergency departments throughout the United States could have been treated by an optometrist. Not only could visiting an eye doctor in place of heading to the emergency room be a more comfortable experience in which you get the treatment you need faster, but you could also help to reduce E.R. crowding as a result. That being said, there are situations in which E.R. care is appropriate – please be sure to contact us immediately when are you experiencing an eye emergency, and we can direct you appropriately.

A Big Eye Emergency and Foreign Body Removal: Foreign Body Eye Care Services

A foreign body removal refers to anything that is within the eye that is naturally foreign to it, yet has become lodged within it. A foreign body within an eye is not only painful, but can be very scary too – foreign bodies can impair vision, lead to infections, and could even cause permanent damage. At Veld Vision Center, we are experts at removing foreign bodies, such as sawdust, contact lenses, sand, dirt, small flakes of metal, glass, and more. While some foreign bodies will dislodge on their own with time, if anything is stuck for more than a couple of hours, we highly recommend that you seek professional care.

Come See Us Today if Your Are Experiencing an Eye Emergency

If you are experiencing any sort of eye emergency or eye discomfort, do not hesitate to come into Veld Vision Center for professional care you can count on. You can schedule an appointment online, or call us directly if you are in need of emergency care. We are here to provide you with the emergency eye services you need.

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