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Eye Care Services

Your eyes work for you every day, and being able to see is one of the most important components of your wellbeing and longevity. As such, providing your eyes with the level of care that they deserve and need for optimal health is key. At Veld Vision Center, we know how important great eye care is, and never take shortcuts in providing you the level of care you deserve.

Our Comprehensive Eye Exams Are Just the Beginning

Getting an annual eye exam can help to ensure that your vision is as sharp as it possibly can be, and that you are not developing or suffering from any eye diseases or other complications. We provide comprehensive eye exams that:

Our eye care services are offered for both children and adults alike, and we are currently accepting new patients

Our Wellness Scans Help Us Provide You With the Eye Care Services You Deserve

In addition to performing standard eye exams, we also conduct wellness exams that take it a step further. The wellness exam works similar to an MRI – it provides ocular details that are surprisingly detailed, and that would otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye. We recommend these exams to our aging patients and anyone with a family or personal history of eye diseases.

Our Eye Care Services – Protecting What Matters Most

We provide a comprehensive range of eye care services. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for any of the following services listed below:

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