August 14, 2018  

How to Keep Your Eyes in Good Health

How to Keep Your Eyes in Good Health

When we think of good health, we think of our heart and lungs, physical capability and chronic conditions. However, your eyes are part of your health too. There are a few general practices you can follow that will keep your eyes in good shape. Remember too that your eyes convey information to doctors about your health by showing signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and autoimmune diseases like Lupus.

General Practices to Follow for Healthy Eyes

  • Here are a few practices you should do to maintain your eye health:
  • Have an Annual Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Eat a Proper Diet
  • Wear 100% UV Sunglasses
  • Ask about your Family Eye Health History
  • Use Eye Safety Goggles When Necessary
  • Give your Eyes a Break

Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam

Make it standard practice to have a comprehensive eye exam every year if possible. At this exam, the doctor will also examine the health of your eyes and check for signs of health issues. It is here where your doctor will see if you have any symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure and tumors.

Eat a Proper Diet

Your diet affects your whole body, including your eyes. Foods high in Omega-3 help protect your eyes from disease. Many Americans do not get enough Omega-3, so eat more fish like salmon or tuna or take a supplement. In addition to adding more fish to your diet, make sure to continue eating dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. These greens contain lutein, which is a great antioxidant for maintaining your vision.

Wear 100% UV Sunglasses

When in the sun, always wear sunglasses. Make sure they are marked as 100% UV sunglasses. The 100% UV tag indicates that chemicals have been added to the lens which will block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Ask about your Family Eye Health History

Your genetics play a big part in your eye health. Ask your family members if there are any eye conditions they or your ancestors have had. Many eye diseases like macular degeneration are common to family heredity.

Use Eye Safety Goggles When Necessary

If you are refinishing furniture, woodworking or chopping wood, be sure to wear safety goggles. The safety goggles serve a purpose to protect your eyes from debris.

Give Your Eyes a Break

Americans are screen dependent. We are always looking at our phone, computer or TV screen. Every half hour or so, walk away from the screen and look at something else. Your eyes need the break.

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