August 30, 2018  

Find the Best Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape

Your eyeglasses become a part of your appearance, just like your jewelry and clothes. The minute you wake up, you may grab them from the nightstand to put them on to start your day. Therefore, it is important to wear a pair of glasses that flatter you. Your face shape and the distance between your eyes will determine what style of frame will look best on you.

Face Shapes and Eyeglasses

To determine your face shape, do the following:

First, put your hair in a ponytail or away from your face. Face the mirror and do the following:

What part of your face is widest? Your forehead, cheekbones or jaw? What does your jawline look like? Is it round, square or pointed? Finally, is your face long or short? These three answers will determine your face shape.

There are seven common face shapes, they are

  •   Oval
  •   Heart-shaped
  •   Oblong
  •   Square
  •   Diamond
  •   Round
  •   Base-down Triangle

Oval Shape

An oval face shape is balanced – the jawline is oval and the face is not too long or too short. Walnut shaped frames look very nice on this face shape.


A heart-shaped face is wider at the top and narrow at the jawline. Frames that are wider at the bottom work best for this face shape.


You can tell if you have an oblong face is your face shape is longer than it is wide. The best frames are ones that are deeper than wider.


Do you have a long forehead with a distinct jawline? If so, your face shape is considered square. A pair of narrow oval frames look fantastic with this face shape.


A diamond face shape features prominent cheekbones with a narrow forehead and narrow jawline. For this particular face shape, the cat-eye shaped frames are very attractive.


Does your face have proportioned curved lines without any angles? If this sounds like your face then you have a round face. Rectangular frames look best on this face shape.

Base-down Triangle

A base-down triangle face shape features a narrow forehead complemented with wide cheeks and a wide chin. Cat-eye frames look very nice on this face shape too.

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