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University Park Emergency Eye Exams

Emergency Eye Exams for Patients in University Park

Your eye health is important, which is why if you have an eye emergency, you want to make sure you’re treated by a trusted and experienced ophthalmologist. At Veld Vision Center, we have been providing patients in University Park and surrounding areas with emergency eye exams when they need them most for nearly three decades.

Emergency Eye Exams – When You Need Emergency Care

There are a number of eye complications that constitute an eye “emergency.” These include, but are not limited to:

Why You Should Come to Veld Vision Center

Rather than going to the emergency room when you have an eye emergency in University Park, we encourage you to come into Veld Vision Center. This is because studies indicate that in the majority of cases, eye emergency room cases could have been treated by a licensed optometrist. Coming into our office in place of the emergency room guarantees that are you working with a doctor that specializes in the eye rather than a general E.R. doctor, and that the wait time to be seen will be shorter.

Removing Foreign Bodies

One of the emergency eye care services that we specialize in at Veld Vision Center is the removal of foreign bodies from the eye. A foreign body is any object or piece of material that does not naturally belong within the eye, ranging from a contact lense to an eyelash to a piece of sawdust. While many foreign bodies will work their way out naturally, others can become lodged within the eye, causing irritation, inflammation, redness, infection, and perhaps even permanent damage. In order to remove a foreign body from your eye, we will use the appropriate method, ranging from rinsing your eyes out with water to applying an anesthetic drop (to numb the eye and prevent you from being able to feel any pain) and using specialized tools to remove it.

Treating Eye Infections

We also specialize in the treatment of eye infections. Some eye infections, like conjunctivitis, can be caused by multiple different sources. For example, conjunctivitis may be the result of a viral infection, a bacterial infection, an eye allergy, or an irritant. The side effects are typically pus or mucus, itchiness or discomfort, redness of the eye, increased tear production, pain, crusting of the lashes/tear ducts, and swelling. Luckily, most eye infections will clear up on their own, or with medication, within a few days.

Contact Us Today if You Have an Eye Emergency

If you have an eye emergency in University Park, we can help. You can schedule an appointment by using the online form on our website, or call us directly for emergency care at 708-672-3937. We are open Monday through Saturday.

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