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Steger Medical Eye Exams

Steger Medical Eye Exams

When most people think about going to the eye doctor, they think about vision acuity, or the ability to see accurately. However, good eye health extends well beyond 20/20 vision. At Veld Vision Center, we have been providing comprehensive medical exams to our patients in Steger and surrounding areas for nearly three decades, and know that even if your eyes appear okay from the outside, regular medical eye exams are critical.

Who Needs to Undergo a Medical Eye Exam?

In really, all patients should undergo a regular medical eye exam as part of their comprehensive eye checkup. However, while we ask some patients to see us about once every two years, those who are at risk of medical eye complications and diseases should schedule a medical eye exam at least once per year, or as recommended by a licensed ophthalmologist. Those who many be at risk of eye conditions that warrant more frequent medical eye exams include:

You should also come see us if you notice any changes in your vision or eyes, even if it is before your scheduled appointment time.

Our Medical Eye Exam Services for Patients in Steger

We provide a full range of medical eye exam services for patents in Steger. This includes:

Dry eye is another eye complication that many patients suffer from, and is caused when the eyes stop making enough tears. Like red eye, this can occur as a result of various factors, including windy climates to wearing contacts to certain medications. We diagnose both red eye and dry eye, and provide treatment options for our patients.

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Your eyes provide you with the ability to see – it is important that you take care of them! To schedule your medical eye exam near Steger today, use our online appointment request form or call Veld Vision Center directly. We are here to serve you!

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