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Steger Emergency Eye Exam

Emergency Eye Exams for Patients in Steger

An eye emergency can be scary – no one likes to think about the potential of their vision being compromised. That’s why if you are facing an eye emergency in Steger, you need to get in touch with Veld Vision Center for an emergency eye exam ASAP. Our emergency eye exam services are comprehensive, providing diagnoses and assessment for a variety of eye complications. We encourage you to come see us immediately when any of the following situations occur–

Sudden Change in or Loss of Vision

One of the most terrifying eye emergencies that there is a sudden change in or loss of vision. This may be caused by an eye disease, such as closed angle/acute glaucoma, or by another serious health condition. If your vision is:

Eye Infections

Less shocking than a sudden loss of or change in vision, but perhaps equally as serious if left untreated, is an eye infection. Eye infections can be caused by a number of different sources, including a foreign body within the eye, inflammation, bacteria, viral infection, and more. Most eye infections are characterized by symptoms we are all familiar with, like crusty lids, discharge (pus), redness, swelling, increased tear production, and pain. If you have any of these side effects, we encourage you to schedule a Steger emergency eye exam appointment to rule out any serious bacterial/viral infections and get the treatment you need.

Foreign Body Stuck within the Eye

When a foreign body is stuck within the eye, the experience can be painful, uncomfortable, and nerve wracking. If you cannot remove the foreign body on your own with your fingers or by rinsing the eyes gently with water, you should schedule an emergency eye exam with Veld Vision Center. In order to remove the foreign body, which could be anything from a dislodged contact lense to a grain of sand, we will numb the eye using anesthetic drops, and then use small tools to grasp the foreign object and remove it.

Should I See an Eye Doctor or Go to the Emergency Room?

Most eye complications can be treated by an eye doctor, and as such, the eye doctor should be your first choice for most eye emergencies. If the eye emergency is characterized by any other physical symptoms, like passing out or slurred speech, however, this could be a sign that the problem is not rooted in the eyes, and emergency room care should be sought. Further, Veld Vision Center is open from Monday through Saturday, but if you have an eye emergency at a time when we are closed, you should head to the emergency room if symptoms are severe (i.e. loss of vision).

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