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Richton Park Eye Doctors

Richton Park Eye Doctors at the Veld Vision Center

Your eyes are more than just your window to the world. They are important indicators of overall health, and proper care for your vision requires more than just a prescription for glasses or contacts. At the Veld Vision Center, our team is committed to providing exceptional, personalized care for your eyes.

Since 1990, we have been serving patients in Richton Park and throughout Will County, providing the highest quality of medical eye care in Northern Illinois. Our optometrist invests time and effort in getting to know you, so our team can provide expert advice, options, and follow up to enhance your overall eye health.

Expert Optometry Services for Richton Park Patients

An annual eye exam is key to ensuring your vision is the best it can be, but routine visits are also important for ongoing eye health. Our Veld Vision Center team conducts evaluations to identify the early signs of eye disease or other complications, so we can start a path of treatment right away. We offer eye exams that:

We also offer an in-depth eye wellness exam that goes even further to evaluating your vision health. The process is similar to an MRI, allowing our professionals to see ocular details and anomalies that may otherwise go unnoticed through a routine exam. We recommend an eye wellness exam for aging patients, individuals with a family history of eye conditions, and those who are prone to eye diseases.

Comprehensive Eye Care Offerings

At the Veld Vision Center, we are also proud to provide a wide range of vision care services, including:

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Whether you need to schedule a routine appointment, want to discuss a comprehensive eye exam, or have other eye care concerns, you can trust our team at the Veld Vision Center to provide all your vision needs. We offer eye care services for children and adults, and we are currently accepting new patients into our vibrant practice. Please call 708.672.3937 or visit us online to learn more about the services we offer for Richton Park patients.

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