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Richton Park Emergency Eye Exam

Emergency Eye Exams for Patients in Richton Park

When something is wrong with your vision, you break your glasses, your eyes are hurting you, or something becomes stuck within your eye, you are having an eye emergency. If an eye emergency strikes in Richton Park, we highly encourage you to contact our experienced eye doctors at Veld Vision Center. We have been treating patients’ eye emergencies for nearly 30 years, and have the level of expertise you are looking for in an eye care professional.

Emergency Eye Exams –  Contact Us When You Need Immediate Help

An eye emergency can be scary – not being able to see or having eye pain is a very unnerving experience. If you are suffering from any of the following eye emergencies, contact us immediately. We provide emergency eye exams when:

Your break or lose your contacts or glasses. If you break or lose your contacts or glasses, we know that you need to get a new pair/set immediately. We provide emergency eye exam services to not only ensure that you have the right prescription, but that you can be refitted for lenses that will provide you with the ability to see again as soon as possible.

You have signs of an eye infection/irritation. It is important to seek emergency eye care services if you have the signs of an eye infection/irritation, and the problem has not cleared up on its own after a couple of days. These signs include, but are not limited to:

We can diagnose the infection or irritation, and provide treatment options. One of the most common eye infections that we see and treat is pink eye, also called conjunctivitis.

You have something stuck in your eye. Having a foreign body stuck in your eye that you are unable to dislodge is typically painful, and no doubt concerning. Because something that you cannot remove from your eye on your own could cause further damage, including vision problems or infection, we urge you to schedule a Richton Park emergency eye exam. We will numb your eye using drops, and expertly remove the foreign item.

Your vision has changed suddenly. Another cause for concern, and a reason to seek emergency eye care, is a sudden change in vision. If you are seeing flashes of light, have blurred vision, or have lost vision entirely, you need eye care immediately. If you are not able to reach our offices, seek emergency care at an ER near you, as loss of vision could be a sign of a very serious health problem.

If you are suffering from any other eye problems that you consider to be an emergency, please contact us. We provide a variety of eye care services, including medical eye exams.

Contact Us Today for Emergency Eye Exam Services in Richton Park

If you have an eye emergency in Richton Park, do not hesitate to contact our eye doctors at Veld Vision Center. You can call us directly, or request an appointment using our online form. We are open for emergency eye exams Monday through Saturday.





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