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Peotone Eye Doctor

Eye Doctor in Peotone

Seeing an eye doctor should be something on your to-do list every year, or more often if you have certain eye health concerns. Unfortunately, despite the fact that going to the eye doctor on a regular basis is strongly recommended, many people fail to do so. If you live in Peotone and are looking for an eye doctor near you, Dr. Veld and his caring staff are here to provide you with the eye care services you need!

Our Peotone Eye Doctor

Our eye doctor at Veld Vision Center is Dr. Paul A. Veld, who is a graduate of Hope College and the Illinois College of Optometry. Certified by the American Board of Optometry in 2013, Veld Vision Center has been operating under the direction and inspiration of Dr. Veld for 28 years. Over that time, our vision center has garnered a reputation for excellence in our community, and we maintain a long list of positive customer reviews as such. Dr. Veld is passionate about his work and helping patients like you maintain optimal eye health.

We Offer Comprehensive Eye Services

At Veld Vision Center, we offer a long list of comprehensive eye services so that you can come to our center for all of your vision needs. Indeed, we provide:

Why You Need to Schedule an Eye Appointment with Our Peotone Eye Doctor

Scheduling an eye appointment with our Peotone eye doctor is a must if you haven’t had your eyes examined in two years or more. Even if you think that you have perfect vision, having your eyes assessed to check for any signs of disease is critical to preserving eye health. It is estimated that there are approximately 61 million Americans who are at risk of serious vision loss, yet only about half of these have seen an eye doctor in the last year. We want to get you into our office as soon as possible to reduce your risk of vision problems later on, and to treat any vision issues you’re currently experiencing. Good vision and eye health is one of the strongest predictors of high quality of life; when you don’t take care of your eyes and your eye health suffers, there are a myriad of problems that can result, ranging from mobility issues to inability to perform self-care, work and provide for yourself, and more.

Schedule Your Peotone Eye Appointment Today

If it’s been longer than you can remember since you last saw an eye doctor, don’t wait a moment more to schedule your appointment with our Peotone eye doctor. You can schedule your appointment online today, or call our office directly at 708-672-3937 (EYES). If you simply want more information, you are also welcome to send us a brief message with any questions by filling out the contact form on our website. We see patients Monday through Saturday – schedule your appointment now!

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