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Peotone Emergency Eye Exams

Emergency Eye Exams for Patients in Peotone

When your eyes are experiencing any sort of problem, from impaired vision to eye pain and more, you need an experienced ophthalmologist who is ready to help you get your eye health in check. At Veld Vision Center, we offer emergency eye exams for our patients in Peotone and surrounding areas, and can assist you with a number of eye problems.

Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

One question that we hear frequently when patients call us with an eye emergency is in regards to whether or not they should go to the emergency room. The answer is that it depends on the type of eye emergency that the patient is experiencing, as well as the availability of our eye professionals. For many eye emergencies, our doctors are more than qualified to address the problem and offer solutions, and as such, seeing an eye doctor is a better choice that going to the ER. For example, if you have a foreign object that is stuck in your eye and cannot be removed without medical intervention, our eye doctors are experts in this, and can provide you with the care you are looking for.

You should go to the emergency room, however, if you are have eye problems that are associated with other side effects (i.e. loss of vision and slurred speech), or if our offices are closed or you are unable to get ahold of us. Eye emergencies that are especially severe, such as an eye injury where they eye needs to be reattached or other invasive procedures are necessary, should also be handled by specialists in a hospital.

What Services Does Veld Vision Provide for Emergency Eye Exams?

We provide a number of emergency eye exam services for our patients in Peotone. This includes:

Will Removing Something from My Eyes Hurt?

Those who have a foreign body in their eye are often very concerned that removing the foreign object from their eye will hurt – after all, having something stuck in your eye is extremely painful! At Veld Vision Center, we are highly experienced in foreign object removal, and can perform the procedure in a manner that is quick and painless. We minimize pain by applying anesthetic drops to the eye, which gives us an opportunity to examine the eye and remove anything within it.

How Do I Make an Emergency Eye Exam Appointment in Peotone?

To make an emergency eye exam appointment in Peotone, you can send us an email at veldvison@sbcglobal.net, by calling us directly at 708-672-EYES (3937), or by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Paul A. Veld online. We do not take eye emergencies lightly, and promise to provide you with the quality care that you are looking for.  Please get in touch with us today to learn more or make your appointment.

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