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Park Forest Emergency Eye Doctor

Emergency Eye Exams for Patients in Park Forest

At Veld Vision Center, our experienced eye doctors, and our entire staff, are dedicated to protecting the eye health of our patients. As such, not only do we provide routine vision screenings and medical eye examinations, but emergency eye exams for patients in Park Forest as well. These emergency eye exams are designed to provide you with the immediate treatment you need when you are suffering from eye pain, infection, or a loss of vision. Contact our offices by phone or online today to schedule your appointment and see our eye doctors as soon as possible.

Most Common Eye Emergencies

Our Park Forest ophthalmologists have diagnosed and treated a variety of eye emergencies, and can assist you no matter the type of eye care emergency you are experiencing. Some of the most common eye emergencies that we see include:

What to Expect During a Park Forest Emergency Eye Exam

When you schedule an emergency eye exam in Park Forest, you can expect to be treated with a very high level of care. We will thoroughly assess the problem, conduct all necessary tests, diagnose the complication, and immediately being treatment to provide you with the relief that you are looking for. We have been treating eye emergencies for nearly three decades, and as such are very confident in our ability to provide you with the level of care you deserve.

Why You Should Seek an Emergency Eye Exam if You Have an Eye Emergency

Many people who are suffering from eye pain, have signs of an eye infection, or even those who partially lose their vision do not take action to seek medical care immediately, assuming that symptoms may clear up on their own. While this may be possible–it’s true that infections will often go away without care, and that foreign bodies will make their way out of eyes without intervention–this is not always the case. As such, when you delay in seeking treatment, you put yourself at risk of greater complication. This could include permanent vision loss, infection, or eye harm. We strongly encourage you to contact our eye care professionals if you have any eye emergency. If you are unable to reach us and schedule an emergency eye exam in Park Forest, you should not rule out seeking emergency room care at your local hospital.

Make Your Park Forest Emergency Eye Exam Appointment at Veld Vision Center Today

If you have an eye emergency, do not delay in seeking care. You can call Veld Vision Center directly for questions to any eye emergency questions you have, or to make your appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online by submitting a request through our website. We offer appointments Monday through Saturday, and will always do our best to fit you in on short notice when you are suffering an eye emergency. Get in touch today to learn more.

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