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Monee Medical Eye Exams

Monee Medical Eye Exams

When you schedule an eye appointment with the Monee ophthalmologists at Veld Vision Center, you are doing more than just scheduling a checkup for vision acuity – you’re also scheduling a medical eye exam. Rather than just testing how well you can see, when you come in for a medical eye exam, we will also assess how healthy the tissues of your eyes are, and whether or not any signs of eye diseases or complications exist.

Why You Should Schedule a Medical Eye Exam

Eye diseases are not always visible to the naked eye, which means that in order to diagnose them, specialized equip and high-tech machinery may be necessary. What’s more, some eye diseases, such as open angle glaucoma, have very few – or no – symptoms during the early stages, which means that without regular screenings, by the time the disease is diagnosed it could be too late, and the damage could be irreversible.

At Veld Vision Center, we protect your health and your vision by providing you with medical eye exams and results you can trust. If any test results come back as abnormal, we can begin treatment immediately to preserve the health of your eyes.

Types of Eye Diseases and Complications and Who’s Most at Risk

We check for all eye diseases and complications, including, but not limited to:

We strongly believe that all patients should be screened for these diseases and complications on a regular basis, which is once every two years for patients without risk factors. For patients with risk factors, screenings should be increased to once per year, or as medically recommended. Those patients who have increased risk factors for eye diseases and complications include:

We can also provide screenings and treatments for patients suffering from red eyes or dry eyes, determining both the cause of the discomfort, and suggested treatment options.

How to Schedule an Appointment for a Medical Eye Exam in Monee

Scheduling an appointment for a medical eye exam in Monee is easy, and we are currently accepting new patients. If it has been more than a year since you had a medical eye exam and you are a person with any of the risk factors listed above, we encourage you to contact us immediately. The easiest way to make an appointment is to use our online appointment request form. If you have questions or need more information first, you can send us an email at veldvision@sbcglobal.net, or call us directly. We accept a number of medical insurance plans and vision insurance plans to provide eye care services to as many patients in Monee as possible.

Why Choose Veld Vision Center for Medical Eye Exams in Monee

There are a lot of eye doctors to choose from, but few with the experience or passion as those found at Veld Vision Center. Founded in 1990 by Dr. Paul Veld, Veld Vision Center has been providing superior medical eye exams and other eye care services to patients in the Monee community for more than two and a half decades.

We care about your eyes, and we know that you want to take the steps necessary to ensure eye health for years to come. Start by scheduling your medical eye exam today.

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