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Monee Eye Doctor

Monee Eye Doctors at the Veld Vision Center

You rely on your vision to support various areas of your life, from work and daily tasks to play and enjoyment. Even if you already wear glasses or contacts, it is important to realize that your eyes are more than just a prescription. They connect you to the world and are a significant indicator of your overall health and well-being.

The Veld Vision Center team, headed by Optometrist Dr. Paul A. Veld, has been serving the eye care needs of patients in Monee, Will County, and throughout Northern Illinois since 1990. During this time, we have established a reputation for quality and expertise in eye health care.

Professional Vision Services for Monee Patients

Regular eye exams are essential for clarity of vision, but they are also crucial for protecting your eye health in the long term. Our Veld Vision Center experts provide a thorough assessment of your vision needs, so we can identify early signs of trouble. Prompt treatment of eye conditions ensures diseases do not worsen over time and affect your vision. We conduct a routine eye exam that enables us to:

Our professionals may also consult with you on whether a comprehensive eye wellness exam would enhance your eye health. This process allows us to get an in-depth look at ocular details, much like an MRI. The technology allows us to spot eye issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, which could delay treatment. We suggest this assessment for aging patients, those who have experienced personal eye issues, and patients who have family history of eye conditions.

Wide Ranging Eye Care Offerings

At the Veld Vision Center, our team can also provide such qualified, professional eye care services as:

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For more information on routine exams, comprehensive assessments, eye disease treatment, and other vision services, please contact the Veld Vision Center at 708.672.3937. We are happy to schedule an appointment and tell you more about how we help Monee patients with all their eye care needs.

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