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Eye Exams in University Park

Eye Exams in University Park

No matter your age, your history of eye complications or diseases, or your physical health, taking care of your eyes is something that you should prioritize. In fact, poor eye care cannot only mean that poor vision that goes untreated, but that untreated poor vision put you or loved ones at risk for other complications, ranging from having an accident to delayed learning. At Veld Vision Center, we provide the comprehensive eye exams services in University Park that you need to ensure your eye health is in check.

It’s About More than Just Vision

At Veld Vision Center, we believe that good eyecare is about more than just vision. Which is why when you seek a comprehensive eye exam from our doctors, we will not only determine whether or not you are in need of vision correction services (i.e. eyeglasses or contacts), but will also check for common eye diseases and eye complications. To be sure, our comprehensive eye exams include a check for:

In order to determine whether or not you have any eye complications or diseases, we use specialized machinery and high-powered devices that are state-of-the-art. To test your vision, we will exam both your near- and far-sighted capabilities, your peripheral vision, and how well each eye works individuals and how your eyes work together as a team.

Eye Exams for Patients of All Ages

At Veld Vision Center, we provide University Park eye exams for clients of all ages. We recommend that most adults with healthy eyes and good vision seek a vision screening every two to three years up to age 40. If you are an adult who wears contacts or glasses, you should schedule an eye exam at least once per year. Those who are older should have their eyes checked more frequently, as the risk of eye complications increases with age. Those with certain health conditions should also have more frequent eye exams.

Children also need to have their eyes checked regularly. All children should have their eyes examined at six months at age, at age three, and when they enter school. From there, eye exams are recommended at least once every two years, although any children with certain health or eye complications should have their eyes checked more frequently.

A Full Range of Eye Care Services

Once you see our doctors at Veld Vision Center for an eye exam in University Park, we can help you to make sense of whatever the results of that exam might be. From contacts and glasses to refractive eye surgery to treatment of eye diseases, our team does it all.

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We know how important your vision, and your eye health, is. To learn more about what you can do to protect it for years to come, schedule an eye exam appointment with our doctors in University Park today. To schedule an appointment with Veld Vision Center today, please call us directly or send us an appointment request using the form found on our website.

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