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Eye Exams in Monee

Eye Exams in Monee

Getting your eyes examined on a regular basis isn’t something that you should think twice about. While most people assume that an eye exam is something that they can live without – especially if they can see OK and don’t believe to be suffering any obvious vision problems – an eye exam assesses far more than vision acuity. Here’s what you need to know about getting an eye exam in Monee, its importance, and more–

Who Needs to Get Their Eyes Examined?

Everyone should get their eyes examined on a regular basis, although some people may need more frequent eye exams than others. For example, the American Optometric Association recommends that most children get their eyes checked at six months of age, at three years old, before first grade, and every two years following that. However, for at-risk children (children who are at risk for developing eye problems, including those whose mothers had certain infections during pregnancy, were born prematurely, or have other health conditions), eye exams may need to be performed annually.

The same is true for adults; most adults aged 18 through 60 only need to get their eyes checked once every two years. However, when certain risk factors are present, including a family history of eye diseases, certain health complications, or already less-than-perfect vision, patients should have their eyes checked more regularly.

What Do You Look for During an Eye Exam?

When you schedule a Monee eye exam at Veld Vision Center, you can rest assured that we are committed to checking all components of your eye health. Our eye exams are very comprehensive, and include assessing:

If you have any eye complications that are you unique to you, such as red eyes or dry eyes, we can also look at this and provide insight into what may be causing the problem and what you may be able to do to treat it. Our eye exams use a variety of tools, including basic tests like covering one eye and telling us what you are able to read from a chart placed ahead of you, to high-powered machines that can determine the health of the tissues inside your eye.

What You Should Know About Veld Vision Center

Serving patients in Monee and surrounding areas for more than 25 years, our team at Veld Vision Center is passionate about our patients’ health and wellbeing. We provide quality care to each patient we serve, and are truly experts in our field. Not only do we provide eye examination services, but multiple other post-exam services as well, ranging from contacts and glasses fitting to eye diseases management to refractive surgery and more.

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