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Cook County Eye Doctor

Cook County Eye Doctor Offers Caring Services

Teaming with an attentive and devoted eye doctor is vital to a lifetime of exceptional eye health. At Veld Vision Center, Dr. Paul A. Veld and his staff provide individualized quality care to each and every patient as a top-notch eye doctor in Cook County. Exams are about more than just vision to ensure complications and diseases are caught early enough to maintain excellent eye health. Dr. Veld opened his practice in March of 1990 and is an affiliate of TLC Laser Centers and Kraff Eye Institute. Make sure to check out his collection of Chicago Blackhawks memorabilia when visiting our offices.

Comprehensive Eye Exams at Cook County Eye Doctor

In general, eye exams should be conducted annually, but other factors are part of how often you should visit an eye doctor in Cook County.

Factors include:

Parents should make sure children visit a Cook County eye doctor at least once a year. We recommend an initial exam at 3 years old and then before entering school. If children have health challenges or other complications, they could benefit from visiting a Cook County eye doctor more regularly.

Parents should consider taking their children for exams more often if they have these risk factors for vision challenges:

During an exam at our offices, you can expect to be assessed for the need for corrective lenses, including some simple tests, such as reading a line of numbers or letters of varying sizes from a distance. Beyond checking both eyes, we also will complete more complex tests, including using a high-powered lens to focus on the health of your eye tissues. We also offer the eye pressure test with or without a puff of air.

Emergency Services at Cook County Eye Doctor

The need to see an eye doctor may be more immediate than a yearly eye exam. We also offer emergency services for conditions, such as the following:

We also offer emergency services when you lose or break contact lenses or eyeglasses to offer a continuum of care that you expect.

Emergencies are sudden and fluid situations. We can help you determine if you should go to the emergency room or if we can treat you.  

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