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Seeing an eye doctor on a regular schedule is an important part of eye health. The American Optometric Association recommends that both children and adults see an eye doctor on a routine basis, advocating once every two years for children age six and older, every two years (unless recommended otherwise) for adults 18-60, and annually for patients who are 61 years of age and older.

If it’s been more than one or two years since you or someone in your family has visited an eye doctor, it’s time to make an appointment. At Veld Vision Center, our Chicago Heights eye doctor can provide you with the eye services you’re looking for.

What to Expect During a Comprehensive Eye Exam with Dr. Paul A. Veld

Dr. Paul A. Veld has been practicing optometry for nearly 30 years. As such, he has the confidence and the expertise to diagnose and treat patients of all ages, and with a variety of different vision problems and eye conditions.

Scheduling a comprehensive eye exam is easy, and the eye exam itself is quick, pain-free, and effective at detecting most vision and eye health concerns. An eye exam will include a visual acuity test where you will be asked to tell us the clearest line of text you can see, we will check your peripheral vision, and we will ask you to perform tests with both eyes so we know exactly how strong each eye is. We will also perform some more complex assessments, like using a high-powered lens to determine the health of the tissues within your eye. These tests allow us to determine if you have any symptoms or at-risk factors for various eye diseases.

If you do have any vision loss, we can discuss with you the possibility of contact lenses or glasses, and get you a prescription for either on the spot. We sell contacts and glasses right from our office.

The Treatment and Care You Deserve

In addition to a comprehensive eye exam, we also provide pediatric eye exams for our younger patients; medical eye exams for at-risk patients or patients who have been diagnosed with an eye diseases; and emergency eye care services. We are skilled in the treatment of common eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, and promise to provide you with skilled treatment and the highest quality care you can find in Chicago Heights.

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Eye care isn’t something that you should think twice about; when you are able to see well, your quality of life improves. Even if you think you have great vision, getting checked for any eye deterioration that could be indicative of an eye complication is important.

At Veld Vision Center, we care about our patients. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, please call us today or use our website to schedule your eye appointment now. We offer appointments Monday through Saturday – schedule online today!

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