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Beecher Medical Eye Exams

Beecher Medical Eye Exams

A medical eye exam is an important part of overall health and wellness. To be sure, ensuring that any eye diseases are diagnosed and treated early on is critical for preserving your vision. At Veld Vision Center, our Beecher medical eye exams are extremely comprehensive, designed to catch diseases in the earliest of stages so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

The Importance of a Medical Eye Exam

Many people neglect the importance of Beecher medical eye exams, assuming that that the only reason to see the eye doctor is for vision acuity testing. The truth, is, however, that eye diseases can have a much more profound affect on your overall well being that poor vision alone; some eye diseases, like glaucoma, can cause permanent blindness when not diagnosed and treated early.

Who Needs a Medical Eye Exam?

We encourage medical eye exams for all of our patients, young and old alike. While patients without risk factors should get their eyes examined for any diseases at least once every two years, we encourage any patients with risk factors to seek medical eye exams on a more regular basis, such as once every year or as recommended. Those patients who have increased risk factors for eye diseases and conditions include:


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At Veld Vision Center, we have been providing medical eye exams to patients in Beecher and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. We are experts in eye diseases and complications, and believe that with proper exams, we can help you to catch diseases early on, and begin treatment as early as possible to prevent the worst consequences. To learn more, please schedule your medical eye exam today by submitting an appointment request online, or call or email us. We offer appointments six days a week.

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